Southern Farm

Southern Farm

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Storm's Coming

Storm's Coming 11x15 2009 Watercolor.

This was an interesting painting to work on. It was done in a two-hour class I'm taking. We had a small color photo to work from. Our assignment was to work wet-n-wet and use only two colors, Winsor Blue and Brown Madder. I quickly drew in my composition and ran the quarter sheet under the hot water tab. I started laying in paint watching it spread. I had to quickly wipe up sections where the dark pigment edged into the areas I wanted to leave white. I could have had a better drawing, but all in all, I pleased with the results.


  1. Hello Jan,
    what a magnificient work. Simply fantastic.
    Thanks for telling how you did it.
    I'm glad I rediscovered your blog (kinda lost it in the mean time) as I'm in admiration of the incredibly glowing paintings you make.

    Nice greetings, Jona
    (petalo_blu on WetCanvas... the one who asked you about the shoe palette eges ago ;))

  2. Hi Jan,
    thanks for stopping by at my blog.:)
    Looking forward to see your new watercolors.
    Have a nice day, Jona