Southern Farm

Southern Farm

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cows Coming Home

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Cows Coming Home 10x20. This watercolor was started in my weekly drawing class. It started with a photo of a man leading cows across a meadow. He had chains attached to the cows' necks. My teacher suggested I change him for a boy carrying a stick and perhaps having the cows coming up and over a hill. Of course, I listened. It took quite a while to draw everything. Luckily I was using a good quality watercolor paper as I erased a lot. When finished, I took my drawing to my watercolor class (same teacher). She made suggestions, but I did all the painting, except for some finishing touches in the background and boy. I'm pleased.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Waiting 11x15 2010. This watercolor was done in my weekly watercolor class. The assignment: Find a reference photo that has plenty of value stressing darks and lights. Make sure it has a good composition. Then, without any drawing, start to paint with juicy washes. This turned out much better than I had anticipated. And, it was lots of fun.