Southern Farm

Southern Farm

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Lily

Summer Lily 11x15.

Every once in a while, a painting comes along that just paints itself. This one did. I was in my Monday afternoon painting class and had finished my project sooner than anticipated. I had about an hour left so I took a postage size photo my instructor had and started painting this without drawing. I wet the entire paper and painted in a few lily colors leaving the large white one alone. As the paper dried, I added the background with multiple greens. I dried it best I could. It was a very humid day and even the air conditioner did not allow the paper to dry. I put in color for the white lily and modeled the top one. I wanted to make sure I had enough done so that I could finish at home. The next morning I looked at the painting and decided It only needed a little dark to bring out the white flower. I called it done.

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